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Factors That Attract Decatur Mosquitoes To Certain People

Child in grass scratching at mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Prefer A Certain Blood Type

There has been great debate over whether mosquitoes prefer certain blood types or not. Many believe that these pests prefer to bite people with O-blood. Others say that blood type has nothing to do with why mosquitoes choose to bite. All that said, some people experience an increased number of bites during the summer months. If you feel like you attract mosquitoes more than your friends do, here are some other things that might make you more susceptible to bites.

What You Eat And Drink Can Attract Mosquitoes

Many studies have been done regarding foods and beverages and their ability to attract mosquitoes. From what we have researched, here are a few things to avoid if you want fewer mosquito bites this summer.

  • Beer
  • Bananas
  • Avocados
  • Salty Foods
  • Sugary Foods
  • Ice Cream

Most of these refreshments create lactic acid inside the body. Mosquitoes can smell lactic acid and use this skill to track their prey. They also use carbon dioxide and body warmth. We recommend avoiding exercising outdoors to reduce body heat and breath intensity. If you do work out outside or play sports, use mosquito repellent containing DEET to reduce your chances of being bitten. 

The Time Of Day And Certain Clothing Can Attract Mosquitoes Too

One thing that drastically impacts your likelihood of being bitten is the time of day you spend outside. Mosquitoes in Georgia like spending time outdoors during dusk and dawn. If you like morning walks or sitting on the porch at the end of the day, be aware that mosquitoes will be out in full force. If you live near a swamp, marshland, or pond, you will have even more trouble with these pests. Why? Because mosquitoes breed in sources of stagnant water. The more moist an area is the higher populations of these pests will be.

One of the best ways to avoid mosquito bites is to wear light-colored clothing. These pests use silhouettes to identify their prey and have a harder time spotting their victims when they blend into a light background. If you want total protection from mosquitoes in Decatur, you need some form of professional mosquito control. For services you can trust, look no further than Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

Contact The Pros To Learn More About Effective Mosquito Control

No matter how many home remedies for mosquitoes outside you use, you will never have full protection against these pests. The only way to make sure you avoid bites on your property is to bring in a professional. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we understand how to get rid of mosquitoes and offer a variety of treatment methods to protect your property, year-round. Are you planning a gathering away from your property? Consider investing in a single service mosquito control visit. We offer advanced ways to get rid of mosquitoes and would be happy to put our experience to work for you.

Call us now to learn more about mosquito control in Decatur and find a time to have your property treated for these pests.

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