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When Do The Mosquitoes In Atlanta Go Away?

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At this point in the year, mosquito activity should be dying down. While some areas have to suffer through year-round mosquito problems, colder weather in our area should begin to offer some relief. If you’re still seeing mosquitoes and are curious about when you can expect a mosquito break, read on to learn when that might be.

What Month Do Mosquitoes Go Away?

While mosquitoes are generally more active during the warmer summer months, sometimes their level of activity can vary based on rainfall. As mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, the wetter a summer is, the larger the mosquito population, making it a critical time of year for mosquito control in Atlanta.

On average, mosquitoes start to come out in March, with their population fading in October. Because they are cold-blooded, mosquitoes will begin to hibernate or die off when the weather is consistently below 50 degrees. If the fall is unseasonably warm, you can expect this period of mosquito activity to last longer before they go away. 

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

The most common mosquito in Atlanta is the Asian tiger mosquito, which lives about five weeks. Its life cycle starts when an adult female lays eggs that hatch when exposed to water.

After the eggs hatch, the process looks something like this:

  • The larval stages - As larvae, they will molt several times, feeding on algae and other water-bound microscopic organisms. This stage may last up to two weeks.
  • The pupal stage - The pupal stage is the last stage before they become adults. Pupae do not feed. This stage lasts just a few days.
  • Adult mosquito stage - When they emerge from the pupae, mosquitoes can fly as soon as their body has hardened. As adults, Asian tiger mosquitoes can live for several weeks if conditions are right.

During an adult female’s lifetime, it can lay several hundred eggs. The female will lay its eggs in standing water or, in dry conditions, in an area where water may collect as it rains. Some eggs require a certain temperature and water conditions to hatch.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away

At this time, you may already be experiencing a lull in mosquito activity that is luring you into a sense of safety. If you would like to start the next mosquito season off right, there are some things you can do to prepare your property in your fight against mosquitoes.

  • Identify potential hatching sites, especially old tires, ponds, and birdbaths, and get rid of them.
  • If water fixtures are a part of the landscape, make sure the water is constantly circulating. Make sure your property drains properly so as not to collect water.
  • Invest in and plant mosquito-repelling plants like eucalyptus, citronella, and lavender.
  • Make sure you seal your home against pests with tear-free window and door screens, proper sealing under doors and windows, and by filling cracks and holes in the exterior of the house with silicon-based caulk.

Preparing your home in time for spring may just make the warmer weather easier to manage. There is, however, one proven method to keep mosquitoes away from your Atlanta property all season long.

Contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control For The Best In Mosquito Protection

Our automated misting system is the most worry and hassle-free method you could invest in to fight mosquitoes as an Atlanta homeowner. If you invest in our misting barrier protection, the misters are automated to go off two to three times a day during peak mosquito season, killing and repelling mosquitoes all over your property. With our iMistAway app, you can even control the misters at the push of a button. Don’t wait until the height of mosquito season. Contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control today and speak to one of our local pest control experts or visit us online for a free yard evaluation.

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