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What Atlanta Property Owners Need To Know About Mosquito Removal

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There are over 63 unique species of mosquito found in Atlanta. Of these mosquitoes, 12 are considered dangerous to human health and wellness. Many homeowners around Atlanta believe that mosquitoes are just a normal part of the microbiome. After living around so many pests, residents have begun to accept the mosquito presence as a normal part of the outdoors. However, these insidious insects are anything but acceptable.

If you live in Atlanta, you need to know that mosquito removal is as complicated as long term. Most mosquito species require multiple treatments to remove completely and are almost impossible to destroy without professional training. Mosquitoes, in general, are considered to be formidable pests and are rarely dissuaded from attacking humans with do-it-yourself (DIY) or home remedies.

Although many mosquito species have unique characteristics, some physical attributes stay the same between species. These include:

  • The creation of a loud buzzing sound when flying due to their small wings
  • A spindly six legs and a singular long proboscis
  • Occurrence in colors of yellow, brown, black, and grey

Mosquito removal may not sound particularly difficult. After all, there are thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) treatments and remedies, right? Unfortunately for many home and business owners in Atlanta, effective mosquito removal is not as easy as it first sounds. In fact:

  • Mosquito removal could cost thousands of dollars.
  • Mosquito removal may require weeks or months without professional help.
  • Mosquito removal often takes the training of a skilled mosquito management agency.

Before stressing about mosquitoes and their harmful effects, learn about some simple prevention methods with Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

Effective Methods Of Mosquito Removal In Atlanta

The best and most effective method of mosquito removal in Atlanta is strong prevention. Keeping mosquitoes from ever scouting your property is a great way to eliminate vectors before they overwhelm your yard. Like many other pest species native to the area, mosquito prevention is best performed by limiting food, water, and shelter access. Try these preventative methods:

1. Remove all puddles of standing water that could allow mosquitoes to breed. This includes birdbaths, fountains, koi ponds, or standing water larger than a small bottle cap. Water that cannot be removed should be treated with a mosquito larvicide to reduce hatching rates.

2. Clean out your gutters as often as possible, taking care to remove leaves, pollen, or other tree debris, preventing drainage from occurring. If you cannot drain your own gutters, consider hiring a professional.

3. Consider installing certain plants around the yard, particularly citronella. Strongly scented herbs, including lemongrass, rosemary, and garlic, can prevent mosquitoes from settling down.

If you think or know that mosquitoes are already present in your Atlanta yard, switch from relying on prevention steps to Tuxedo Mosquito Control instead.

The Tuxedo Mosquito Control Solution

Tuxedo Mosquito Control's mosquito misting service and mosquito spraying service are some of Atlanta's most reliable mosquito management solutions. Our helpful services are customized for the end consumer and are much more effective than any DIY or over-the-counter sprays.

Once mosquitoes have bedded down, Tuxedo Mosquito Control will be your best and most efficient provider of confidence and relief. Learn how to get started today by contacting Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Our Atlanta team is standing by to help in any way we can!

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