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How To Make Your Atlanta Property Invisible To Mosquitoes

Swarm of mosquitoes

With the ability to seek heat, sweat, and carbon dioxide, mosquitoes in Atlanta are the hardest pests to dissuade. These pests can track down humans within a few minutes of being outside and feed until their hearts' content.

Mosquitoes are difficult pests to generalize, but these blood-eating creatures do share a few common characteristics:

  • Loud, whining, buzzing sounds while in flight
  • Six thin legs used to land on human or animal skin
  • Long, probing proboscis that can be used to pierce flesh
  • Yellow, grey, back, or white in color

Mosquitoes are both annoying and dangerous to local homeowners, and to date, are some of the most populous pests in Georgia state. The Asian Tiger Mosquito, once a nonnative infiltrant, has taken over Atlanta by storm. Today, there are millions of mosquito vectors in the area, and millions of potential bacteria, viruses, and parasites transmitted through a single bite.

Some homeowners wish they could make their property completely invisible to mosquito populations. In this way, they could protect their families, friends, and pets from onslaughts of mosquitoes and their ill effects. However, the art of turning your property invisible is just a pipe dream. Or is it?

The Many Factors That Attract Mosquitoes To Atlanta Homes

Mosquitoes don’t choose their living space based on random choice. In reality, parasitic pests determine a living space using a many-faceted rubric, particularly one that takes food, water, and shelter into account. If you can successfully eliminate mosquito attractant factors from your lawn, you could become virtually invisible to both mosquitoes and their infestation behaviors!

Here are a couple of things that attract mosquitoes to your property:

  • Large amounts of stagnant water
  • Tall grass
  • Thick trees and bushes
  • Lots of flowering plants
  • Frequent outdoor activity (humans and animals)

Below are some helpful tips to reduce these attractant factors:

  • Drain standing water sources, or treat them with a mosquito larvicide to prevent mosquito accumulation.
  • Trim tall grasses to 1.5 inches during the summer season and 2 inches during the winter.
  • Prune any overgrown trees and bushes.
  • Be mindful of the number of flowering plants kept in the yard.
  • Avoid spending time outside during dawn or dusk hours.

Despite all your hard work, mosquitoes may still be able to infiltrate your home and property. For foolproof defense against mosquito populations, reach out to Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

The Tuxedo Mosquito Control Prevention Process

Making your property unavailable to mosquito populations is exactly what Tuxedo Mosquito Control does best. We offer unique mosquito misting and spraying services, fast-acting botanical insecticides, and consistent property inspections to address mosquitoes at any level of infestation.

We work in three easy steps:

1. An initial survey of your property that identifies mosquito species, their spread, and particular attractant factors.

2. Comprehensive treatment course that applies one-time and year-long misting solutions.

3. Continuous visits to monitor the effectiveness of all solutions, as well as their outcomes.

Each of our services and home visits is customized for you and your family, creating a health-friendly barrier around the perimeter. Our highly vetted professionals have years of experience in the mosquito control industry and are proud to be effective pest management providers for everyone in our service area.

Contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control to learn how to get started with mosquito control in Atlanta today. We will be standing by to take your call at any time.

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