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9 Beautiful Flowers That Kill Mosquitoes

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Flowers that kill mosquitoes in Atlanta are an excellent way not only to beautify your garden but to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay. Many plants have flowers that emit smells mosquitoes hate, so placing a few pots of these 9 flowers in your garden or porch will free up the area of these annoying pests. And most flowers in this list also keep away flies, spiders, and gnats, so you have a full 100% natural pest control solution! Read the list of 9 beautiful flowers that kill mosquitoes now!

#1 Lavender

This purple delight will not only make your garden gorgeous, but you can also harvest it for some soothing tea at the end of a workday. The fresh smell of the plant is enough to appease your stress.

You can plant lavender in any hot, sunny climate (that includes Atlanta, GA, and Charleston, SC) and it will grow tall, up to 4 feet. In 3 years, lavender can bloom over 1000 flowers, so it’s a plant that will take up plenty of space if left free to grow in your yard.

Lavender in your garden will ward off mosquitoes due to its scent, but you can harvest it, dry the flowers, and put them in your house to keep spiders and moths away.

#2 Marigold

These golden flowers are actually known as “nature’s insecticide” since they contain pyrethrum, a chemical present in many commercial repellents.

If you plant these around your garden, you’re creating a barrier against mosquitoes and other insects, as well as deer and rabbits.

These flowers grow up to 1.25 feet but require sun year-round. If frost hits, you can collect the seed heads and plant them indoors till the winter passes by (in case the marigolds die).

#3 Catnip

This might be seen as a pro if you're a cat person: catnip repels mosquitoes, but attracts cats to your garden!

If you own a cat, it’s a no-brainer: not only are you ridding yourself of mosquitoes, you have a special, organic treat for your furry friend to enjoy.

Catnip can grow up to 5 feet, but it’ll probably never reach that height due to constant snacking by neighborhood cats.

#4 Citronella

This is the plant used in scented candles to ward off mosquitoes, and it works like a charm in your garden too. However, since it can die from frost, it’s best to keep citronella in a pot.

Citronella not only keeps mosquitoes at bay but staves off flies too. Also, it’s an ornamental plant, so a couple of potted citronellas on your porch will jazz it up for guests.

Since there are many varieties of the citronella plant, make sure you get Cybopogon nardus or Citronella winterianus. These are the ones with an anti-mosquito scent.

#5 Bee Balm

This bright flower will fend off mosquitoes and bring to your garden beautiful critters, such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

Also known as wild bergamot or horsemint, this plant can grow up to 4 feet and take up plenty of space in your garden if you let it grow freely (you can cut the bee balm during its dormancy if that’s a concern).

When in full bloom, the bee balm is breathtaking: purple, red, pink, and lavender petals will make your garden gorgeous during the summer.

#6 Floss Flower

This blue flower contains coumarin, a chemical found in many retail mosquito repellants. If you plant this flower on your lawn, you’ll ward off mosquitoes and flies, and keep animals such as rabbits and deer away.

Its repellent properties are also a con, however. If you have pets, the chemical in floss flowers is toxic to them and their spiky stems can cause allergies if they touch your skin.

#7 Scented Geranium

These lemon-scented beauties stave off mosquitoes and flies with their scent and are perfect as an ornamental plant on your porch or garden. Since they are fragile to frost, you should never place them directly in the soil, but in a pot instead.

Scented geranium can grow in the sun or partial shade and will attract butterflies with their colors and aroma.

#8 Pennyroyal

This purple-flowered plant works best against mosquitoes when you crush it and spread its stem and leaves around your house. In fact, some people rub pennyroyal onto their clothes when hiking to fend off mosquitoes.

However, you should be cautious with pennyroyal since it can be toxic to babies and pregnant women if ingested.

Even so, this plant before harvest is effective against fleas and flies but will die in the winter if left in the soil. If you want pennyroyal to last during the cold, take it inside in a pot.

#9 Snowbrush

This ornamental shrub can reach up to 9 feet and its balsam aroma will keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

If you plant snowbrush on your front lawn, not only will it provide a beautiful entrance to guests, but it’ll also deter deer and rabbits.

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful shrub that will fend off insects while looking nice, snowbrush is the way to go.

Need more repellent power? Get in touch with the pros!

Flowers are a natural solution to deter mosquitoes, but they aren’t 100% effective. Some flowers only ward off the mosquitoes when they are in full bloom and most have a limited range, meaning mosquitoes will still thrive away from your pest-control shrubbery.

If you’re looking for a solution that will mosquito-proof your whole yard, check out Tuxedo Mosquito Control. Misting makes your garden free of pesky insects with timed and strategically placed mist emitters. And it can be automated if you wish to keep mosquitoes away without any stress. Learn more about how to fend off mosquitoes in our complete mosquito prevention guide. 

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