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Tuxedo Mosquito Control Tuxedo Mosquito Control

Why Atlanta Homeowners Love Professional Mosquito Control

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Mosquitoes are pests that can create frustration among those working in their yard or garden, having a picnic or barbeque, or participating in many other outdoor activities. These pests thrive in the southern climate, which has plenty of hot days, humidity, and rainfall. While often considered to be a nuisance, mosquitoes can transmit harmful pathogens that are linked to the West Nile virus, the Zika virus, malaria, and a host of other dangerous concerns.

Mosquito Facts

Eggs are laid by the female mosquitoes in areas of standing water, which might include lakes, swamps, ponds, or manmade objects that hold water, including old tires, buckets, and kiddie pools. The eggs soon hatch and progress through a larval stage that lasts no more than one week, and a pupal stage lasting only several days before reaching adulthood.
Plant nectar is the primary food source for males and females; however, females also bite humans and animals to consume protein-rich blood that is needed for egg production. Mosquitoes that exist in freshwater habitats rarely travel more than three miles for a blood meal, but those that exist in salt marshes will travel 25 or more miles.

Responding To Problems With Mosquitoes

Some of the best practices for preventing mosquitoes include: 

  • Consider installing the yellow light bulbs that have proven less likely to attract insects in any outdoor fixtures. 
  • Eliminate any pooling or standing water by removing birdbaths or containers, repairing leaking hoses or spigots, and keeping gutters and downspouts cleaned. 
  • Keep the grass cut short, and trim back any overgrown vegetation.
  • Avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes, lotions, or body sprays that might attract mosquitoes to the area.
  • Limit outdoor activities during the hours near dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are typically the most active.
  • Reduce direct exposure to the skin by wearing full-length clothing when possible, and use agency-approved insect repellents as needed.   
  • Keep in mind that many of the gimmicky products including candles, zappers, and ultrasonic devices generally fail to deliver results. 

Tuxedo Mosquito Control Offers Misting Services

The trained experts with Tuxedo Mosquito Control use a mosquito misting system that was originally used in agricultural settings to eliminate and repel mosquitoes from outdoor areas where crops and/or livestock are located. This process begins with a detailed property inspection to determine the optimal configuration and plan of deployment based on the physical environment. The MistAway Gen III system, which may be activated remotely, can dispense insecticide throughout the premises several times per day. 

Do I Need A Professional Exterminator? 

Many people are unaware that professional mosquito treatment options are available for significantly reducing the mosquito population around your Atlanta home or business. Some individuals will attempt to use fabled home remedies or store-bought treatment options that are largely ineffective at banishing mosquitoes and might contain harsh chemicals that pose health risks. A professional pest controller has the proper training, products, and equipment needed to dramatically limit the number of mosquitoes on the premises.  

Provider Of Effective Mosquito Management Solutions In Atlanta

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, our professionals are actively eliminating problems with mosquitoes in Atlan. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to ensure that our mosquito control treatment process is both safe and effective for our customers, their pets, and the local ecosystem. 
Did you know that Tuxedo Mosquito Control stands behind the quality of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Our team of licensed technicians are available to treat your home or business property for an upcoming special outdoor event or will provide ongoing services to regularly prevent these harmful pests. Contact us today for an onsite inspection and yard evaluation.

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