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Does My Diet Attract Mosquitoes In Atlanta, GA?

Mosquito on skin

You may have heard that mosquitoes bite people who eat certain foods. However, you may also take this theory with a grain of salt. There are many myths regarding mosquitoes in the Atlanta area, and it can be tough to tell facts from fiction. Learn whether or not what you eat affects local mosquitoes. 

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Us?

To understand whether or not a mosquito bites you for your diet, you may first want to know why a mosquito bites you. The males don't feed on humans or animals, but the females do. They need a specific protein in human blood to reproduce. Although they can survive without the protein, female mosquitoes won't be able to breed without it.

With that said, not all human blood is appealing to mosquitoes. Just as humans have preferences for certain foods, female mosquitoes do as well. Blood type, temperature, and diet can all influence whether or not a mosquito finds you attractive. If it seems like mosquitoes are more attracted to you than your friends or family members, you could be right.

Which Foods Attract Mosquitoes?

While there's no argument that eating certain foods can make you more attractive to mosquitoes, the topic is contested. For instance, some sources say that potassium-rich foods appeal to these pests. Other sources show that bananas can keep mosquitoes away. Whatever the truth may be, you should probably just avoid eating bananas when you plan on spending time outside.

Mosquitoes also like sweet foods, like a dessert you might bring to a picnic. You might notice more mosquitoes buzzing about when you bring out dessert or sip a sweet drink. But mosquitoes don't only go near your food. If you tend to consume a very sweet diet, you probably notice more mosquitoes around you than the other guests. 

For some reason, mosquitoes also like salty foods and people who consume high amounts of salty foods. Therefore, your bag of potato chips or your salty barbecue meats could attract mosquitoes. Drinking beer also makes you a more likely target.

 If you eat spicy foods, you're also out of luck. Although mosquitoes don't like spicy foods, they like warm bodies. Eating spicy foods makes you hotter, which is a beacon for female mosquitoes. You should save the jalapeno for a time when you're indoors.

Which Foods Repel Mosquitoes

Your diet doesn't need to hurt your mosquito prevention efforts. In fact, you could use your diet to your advantage. Certain foods decrease your chance of an encounter with mosquitoes. These foods include:

  • Beans And Tomatoes: These foods, along with lentils, are very rich in thiamine, which is considered a natural mosquito repellent. The vitamin masks human odors and makes you less of a target to nuisance pests.
  • Lemongrass: You may already know that lemongrass essential oil deters mosquitoes, but did you know that eating lemongrass can also help? It's great in curry or steeped in tea.
  • Garlic And Onions: When you eat garlic and onions, your body releases allicin. In some studies, allicin prevented malaria.
  • Red Pepper: If you eat red pepper while you're outside, it can attract mosquitoes. But evidence shows that eating red pepper before you go outside can actually deter mosquitoes.

Working With A Professional

You shouldn't only rely on food to prevent mosquitoes. Unfortunately, your diet alone isn't enough to save you. Your best chance of deterring mosquitoes is to work with professionals. Here at Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we believe you deserve a safe and annoyance-free backyard. Our highly trained experts know what it takes to get rid of and prevent Atlanta mosquitoes. If you're ready to fight off these pests, call us now. 

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