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5 Examples Of What Attracts Mosquitoes To Homes

Mosquito on skin

It’s a lovely, starry night. There’s a slight breeze blowing and you step onto your screened-in, covered patio to unwind. Suddenly, you hear that incredibly irritating, “buzzzzzzz” and once again, you start swatting at the air, slapping your own neck and ears and wondering why you ever came out here. You run inside, upset and annoyed that you can’t enjoy your own property that you work so hard to own, only to hear that same sound. Mosquitoes are now inside your home!

Why is this happening? What can you do about it? You’re at your wits’ end and you need to figure some things out so you can actually enjoy being home again. What attracts mosquitoes to homes? Are there mosquito eggs around? Would putting out mosquito traps make a difference? Tuxedo Mosquito Control has heard this story many times before. Below we’re going to provide you with 5 examples of what attracts mosquitoes to homes so that you can eliminate any that apply to you.

1. Standing Water

What attracts mosquitoes to homes perhaps more than anything else? Standing water, and you don’t need much to provide mosquitoes all that they need. Even a small leak under a sink or a pipe can suffice, so take a look to see if you have anything like this happening and if so, eliminate it. 

2. Hide The Cheese

It may sound strange, but if you’re a cheese lover and you have it out often, it could lead to this problem. The bacteria in cheese can attract mosquitoes to your home in some cases, and some mosquito species in Atlanta are particularly drawn to it. If you’re going to snack on cheese, do so and put it away.

3. Don’t Overwater Your Plants

Another thing that could attract mosquitoes to homes is indoor plant life. If you water your indoor plants such that there is a reservoir at the bottom of the pot, you’re creating more standing water problems that will literally come back to bite you.

4. Your Own Odors

Mosquitoes are drawn to meals by smell, and humans and our own odor have a lot to do with what attracts mosquitoes to homes. If you or someone you live with wears a lot of cologne or perfume regularly, that along with our natural smells can draw mosquitoes to our homes.

5. Your Yard May Not Be Helping

Finally, if you do have water features in your yard, such as a pond, a pool, or any type of sprinkler system, that could be not only a breeding ground for mosquitoes but also a launching point for an indoor infestation that will arise at some point. If you want to keep those features, then you should speak to a professional regarding how to do so effectively.

Overall, what attracts mosquitoes to homes is a question both for you and for experienced mosquito eliminators like the team at Tuxedo Mosquito Control. If you’re having problems, feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll create a plan to bring peace back to your home.

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