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The Trick To Keeping Mosquitoes Away In Atlanta

Mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes are one of the most infamous pests in the entire world because of their ability to consume blood from human and animal hosts. Mosquitoes in Atlanta are one pest that no one wants to deal with because of the annoying, itchy bites they leave behind. However, while most people think mosquitoes are obnoxious, they are also quite dangerous.

Mosquitoes are considered the deadliest animal on the planet because of their ability to transmit so many diseases. Because they will spread pathogens between people and animals, some of these illnesses are extremely deadly. The list of diseases mosquitoes can transmit to people includes malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika virus, and more. 

Because of the risks of mosquitoes, knowing how to keep them away from your property is essential for your health and safety. In this guide, you’ll get useful tips and tricks on preventing these dangerous insects.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Mosquitos have long, narrow bodies and translucent wings. They are usually a grey color, but they can have a variety of patterns and markings. One of the best ways to identify mosquitoes is by the needle-like appendage near their mouths called a proboscis. This is what they use to drink nectar and what the females of the species use to consume blood.

What Brings Mosquitoes To A Property?

Mosquitoes are mainly attracted to areas that have water sources, especially standing water. This is because mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. Also, mosquitoes will seek areas with overgrown foliage as they will rest in the shade of leaves during the daytime hours. In order to prevent mosquitoes, you should take steps to reduce these two factors around your property.

Here are a few specific measures you can take:

  • Make sure rainwater can drain by clearing gutters and removing pools of standing water.
  • Regularly trim shrubs, bushes, and trees to reduce the areas where mosquitoes like to hang out during the day.
  • If you have water features like hot tubs or pools, make sure to keep them cycled with clean water and use covers if possible.

As with most things, it is easier to prevent mosquito populations than it is to tackle an infestation making these worthwhile steps to take on your Atlanta property.

The Simplest Mosquito Prevention Trick

While you can help reduce elements around your yard that attract mosquitoes, they can still be a difficult pest to completely present using DIY methods. Instead, the easiest and most effective mosquito control step is to get assistance from the experts at Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

We specialize in mosquito problems around Atlanta, and we can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes around your property with our residential and commercial plans. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to provide reliable, affordable service. All you have to do is give us a call to request your free quote.

How To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Professional mosquito control in Atlanta is the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your yard, but it’s also helpful to know how to protect yourself from bites while outside. The following three tips can help deter mosquitoes from getting a taste of your blood:

  1. Wear light-colored clothing as darker colors emit more heat and attract mosquitoes.
  2. Avoid going outside during dusk and wear long pants and sleeves when hiking or in the wilderness.
  3. If you’ve been sweating, clean up before going outside. Also, avoid drinking alcohol outdoors when mosquitoes are present.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes with these steps and a little help from Tuxedo Mosquito Control.

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