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9 Stay-At-Home Vacation Ideas In Atlanta

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The days are all starting to run together. You’re tired. Mentally and physically exhausted. It’s time for a break. But there are times when it just seems impossible to get away from home. Maybe it’s money; maybe it’s the schedule; maybe it’s travel restrictions. There’s often a reason that your vacation has to be “in” instead of “out”.

How To Turn Your Yard Into A Vacation Destination

One of the best ways to enjoy a vacation at home is to get outside, but for your own property to be a good vacation destination, it should be a pleasant place to spend time. Our Georgia mosquitoes can make your yard a miserable place to be, so to enjoy your at-home vacation, they have to be taken care of. Tuxedo Mosquito’s automated mosquito misting systems will get rid of those bugs so you can finally have your yard all to yourself. Enjoy what you’ve been missing for so long!  Feel free to contact us for a free yard evaluation. Now that your property is actually livable, get outside and enjoy some or all of our ways to turn your yard into a true vacation destination. 

Have A Dance

String up some lights, turn up the music, and turn your backyard into the prom all over again. Dance like nobody’s watching--because you’re in your backyard and no one can see you. And if someone does see, invite them to join!

Play Croquet Or Lawn Darts

Have an old-fashioned throwback to an earlier time where people thought it was okay to throw large knives across their yards (just not while there are kids around). Crack open the croquet set and turn your yard into a game. It doesn’t matter whether it’s large or small, on a hill or full of bumps. It’s all fun.

Have An Outdoor Movie

For the same price as a nice hotel in some other city, you can get a projector and screen online and set up the bean bag chairs in the yard to watch the latest action-adventure movie. Or turn it into a real night of romance, cozied up next to the one you love. And stay away from those mosquitos!

How To Turn Your Atlanta Home Into A Vacation Home

Just because you’re stuck at home in Atlanta doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great vacation. Atlanta is a fantastic city with some really amazing things to do and see. Try to imagine that your home is a vacation home in a foreign city and see things through a new set of eyes.

Walk (In A Different Direction)

We usually get into ruts when we live in a place for a while: we always take the same turns, go down the same roads, walk the same route. So mix it up. If you always take your morning walks by going to the left, try going to the right and see where you end up. Take that street you’ve never taken. (And if you’ve never gone for a walk at all in your neighborhood, then today is the day! Look at the houses, pet the dogs, smell the flowers!)

Visit The City Like A Tourist

Atlanta truly is a destination city for a lot of people, and the fact that we live here makes it easy to forget all the truly amazing things there are to see in this city. Imagine that you’re a tourist for a day, and see all the sights.  Go to the gift shops and buy Atlanta t-shirts and dress your whole family up like your gawky tourists from out of town and hit every tourist trap that you’ve always avoided. You might find some gems!

Go To A Game

Atlanta is home to some amazing sports teams, both college, and pro. For the same price of a night in a hotel in a different city, you could stay at home and get great seats at a Braves game or a Falcons game or Georgia Tech or State (we don’t care which you prefer!)

Relax With A Book & A Bottle Of Wine

Often the best vacation is just being in a hotel where you don’t have any responsibilities and can relax and read a book. So turn off your phone, curl up on your coziest chair, get a bottle of your favorite wine, and read a book.  Don’t know what to read? Call your local indie bookshop and tell them what you like and have them do the shopping for you! They’ll love it and you’ll get something you haven’t read before.

Eat “Out” With Meal Delivery

One of the nice things about being on vacation is you never have to cook, and with meal delivery service it’s never been easier to eat your way through the day without leaving home or dirtying a dish. Never had breakfast by your house? There might be somewhere amazing. Always away during lunch? There might be a delicious eatery nearby with a mouthwatering menu.

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