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Mosquitoes Aren't Afraid To Travel

Mosquito on skin

Mosquitoes in Atlanta do not like to travel very far from their nest and prefer to feed as close to their home as possible, however, they do travel when necessary. Generally speaking, the majority of mosquitoes will not travel further than around three miles from their nest. However, there are a few factors that can affect how far a mosquito will travel away from its nest.

To Find Food

Mosquitoes will only travel away from their breeding site in search of food. Once they have found food, they are unlikely to stray any further. They want to stay as close to a water source as possible, as they will need to lay their eggs soon after feeding.

Time Of Day

How far a mosquito will travel away from home is also dependent on the time of day. They tend to stay closer to their nest during the day and only travel out of the area in the early morning or evening. These are the times of day that mosquitoes prefer to feed, as they do not like intense light, heat, or cold.


One of the main factors is the weather, particularly the wind. If the weather conditions are windy, mosquitoes may be carried much further away from their nests than usual. If weather conditions are windy where you live, you may find that mosquitoes are more common. This could even be the case if you don’t live close to a water source, where a mosquito may be laying its eggs.

Don’t Be A Mosquito's Meal!

Even if you don’t live near any sources of water, mosquitoes will travel away from their breeding grounds in search of food. You don’t want to be a mosquito’s next meal and Tuxedo Mosquito offers solutions to make sure you aren’t. Whether you need a mosquito misting system or monthly spraying services, contact us to keep the mosquitoes away.

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