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Zika Preparation This Upcoming Mosquito Season

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CDC Guidance

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is providing much-needed guidance to state officials and communities currently planning for the worst. With 312 confirmed cases of the Zika Virus already in the continental United States, 27 of those pregnant women, people are understandably worried and should feel justified in taking action. Where the CDC and community organizations can only do so much, private properties are encouraged to treat mosquitoes with professional mosquito control when able to do so. People should also take the appropriate measures to decrease the mosquito population and thus the disease's impact as much as possible. Rest easy that all 312 cases were infected while traveling abroad except for 6 cases that were contracted through sexual intercourse, all treated in the United States. Precautions should still be taken, as scientists do not know how far it will spread during this mosquito season.

This Is A Preventable Crisis

The U.S. Government seems to be dropping the ball on this preventable crisis by not making a swift and preemptive strike on the Zika Virus for a number of reasons. A request of 1.9 million dollars to fight Zika contamination was denied by Congress, making safety preparations the burden of the state government and individual property owners. This is partly because people are not considering it a crisis until cases start to break out in Southern states. Director of the CDC, Thomas Frieden says, “We’ve never had a mosquito-borne pathogen that could result in a birth defect.” The CDC recommends people take precautions such as covering arms and legs with long pants and sleeves during mosquito-prone times of the day. Make sure to use a CDC-recommended mosquito repellent because citronella, eucalyptus, and other home remedies may not be as effective as advertised. It is critical that pregnant women follow these instructions closely to avoid infection and the possible birth defects that follow.

Worried About Mosquitoes In Atlanta & Charleston? We Can Help!

Whatever size your property is, it is a smart idea to hire professionals this year to provide Charleston and Atlanta mosquito spraying services for you. Tuxedo Mosquito Control in Atlanta, Georgia is waiting to help you protect your yard today using pyrethrum-based insecticides. Call for a free quote. Source:

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