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Zika Worries U.S. Health Officials

Swarm of bugs

The Aedes aegypti, which is a mosquito that transmits mosquito-borne illnesses like the Zika virus, is not usually found within northern parts of America. Experts are now saying that this dreaded mosquito will soon be found there, and in growing concentrations throughout the entire United States.

Present & Future Of Zika In The Americas

Scientists continue to study this growing epidemic and its effects. Zika is spread mostly by mosquitoes. It has presently caused over 1,500 cases of birth defects in Latin America, and that number is spreading quickly to the United States. The largest concentration of the Zika virus is currently in Puerto Rico. Said Dr. Erin Staples of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “We’re learning something new about Zika every day.” An elderly man recently died in Utah of the Zika virus. Scientists have been working to find Aedes aegypti mosquitoes throughout Salt Lake County, which is where the man died. So far, the Aedes aegypti has not been found at all within Utah. The man did come in contact with a family member who had caught the virus while traveling, though scientists only know the virus to be spread via transmission of fluids.

Prevent The Spread Of Zika In Atlanta & Charleston

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