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Mosquito Control During Atlanta's Fall Season

Mosquito on plant

It gets hot in Atlanta, Georgia, and with our warm weather, you know that controlling mosquitoes is very important, both for your comfort and your health. You've been using, or considering, year-round Atlanta mosquito spraying services. But do you need to control mosquitoes in the fall and winter? The answers may surprise you.

When Mosquitoes Are Most Active

There are 175 mosquito species in the United States alone, and somewhere around 3500 mosquito species in the world. We see about 56 different mosquito species here in Georgia. In Atlanta, we typically see warm weather from April through October. Mosquitoes are active then, which means we need to control them. In October, a few things happen. We usually get a few days where the temperatures dip into the 30s and mosquitoes start looking to hibernate. When temperatures drop below 50°, some species of mosquitoes look for a place to hibernate, while others will lay eggs in water that will hatch when the temperatures get warm again.

Pest Control Not Needed

Once we start seeing colder weather, it doesn't make sense to spray for mosquitoes since there are no mosquitoes around. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we normally stop our service sometime in October. Unless it gets warm again, you don't need extra mosquito control. In fact, it is a waste of money to continue spraying after the mosquitoes go into hibernation. We restart our service in April when the temperatures are getting warmer and mosquitoes are becoming active again. You can always get mosquito treatments outside of the standard treatment time frame, but we don't recommend it usually. We think your money's better spent with controlling mosquitoes when they are the most active.

Trust Tuxedo Mosquito Control For Your Pest Control Needs

You know that you can rely on Tuxedo Mosquito Control for mosquito misting and spraying. You know that we use a very safe compound called pyrethrum that does not leave a dangerous residue like synthetic compounds can. Because pyrethrum is completely biodegradable, you know you can trust Tuxedo Mosquito Control for all the problems that are bugging you, safely.

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