How Long Do Mosquitoes In Atlanta Live?

There are over 3,500 mosquito species in the world. In Georgia, we have at least 43 species. How long a mosquito will live depends on the species and conducive conditions that allow mosquitoes to survive. Let's take a quick and simple look at how long mosquitoes in Atlanta live and discuss how you can use this information to get control of mosquitoes on your Atlanta property.

The Stages Of A Mosquito

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Egg. It can take a few days, or several months, for eggs to hatch. In states that are colder than Georgia, some species survive the winter by remaining in their eggs. These eggs often rest on the top of stagnant water in an egg raft or attached to the sides of containers just above the waterline. When water is added, such as when it rains, this triggers the larvae to break free of their eggs.

Larva. A mosquito exists in its larval stage for as little as five days. In this stage, they're often referred to as wrigglers because of the way they move. Wrigglers molt several times before moving to the next stage.

Pupa. A mosquito exists in its pupal stage for two to three days. In this stage, they're often referred to as tumblers. You can probably guess why.

Adult. This is the winged stage of the mosquito. When it takes to the air, females can live as long as two months. Male mosquitoes die off quickly and rarely survive for more than about a week.

Mosquito Control

You've probably noticed that it is difficult to keep mosquitoes away. You can douse yourself with mosquito repellent and still get bites. You can put mosquito torches all around your outdoor recreation area and still get bites. You can hang some bug zappers and listen to those little zaps all night long and still get bites. The problem with these and other mosquito control methods is that they address the wrong stage of development.

  • Female mosquitoes are the only mosquitoes that bite. They draw blood meals for the purpose of getting what they need for reproduction. They are driven to bite. Blood isn't just a food source. In fact, blood isn't their primary food source. They feed on the nectar from flowers and the sap from plants. When they come to draw blood from you, they're on a mission. They won't be easily deterred.
  • A mosquito lays hundreds of eggs in your yard. You're not going to have one or two mosquitoes trying to bite you. There are going to be dozens or more. Their sheer numbers work to help them find a gap in your defenses.
  • Treating the hiding places where female mosquitoes rest, such as vegetation, can reduce mosquitoes in your yard. Unfortunately, many of the products residents use do not last very long. When they're washed away by rain, or become inert, it is difficult to know—other than the fact that bites become more numerous.

How To Stop Mosquitoes

The best solution for mosquito control on your property is to address mosquito eggs. When you remove stagnant water resources, you take away the ability of mosquitoes to reproduce. Address conditions that promote the collection of stagnant water, such as clogged gutters or damaged plumbing. Remove containers from your yard. This could be a cup or a bowl, a milk jug, a vase, a potted plant, a bucket, or the surface of an object stored in your backyard. A female mosquito only needs ½ of an inch of water to lay her eggs. These eggs are strong. If a container has water in it and becomes dry, the eggs can stick to the sides throughout the entire winter. In the spring, when the container is filled with water again, it can cause the eggs to hatch. Keep this in mind as you consider breeding sites.

The Best Solution For Mosquitoes In Atlanta

  • Routine mosquito misting destroys adult mosquitoes in the places they hide. The fast-acting, botanical insecticides we use at Tuxedo Mosquito Control target mosquitoes and other simple organisms and are applied in the correct frequency to keep active protection around your Atlanta home.
  • When you want even more control, the best solution is to have an automated misting system installed. At Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we put mosquito control at your fingertips with MistAway and the iMistAway app.

Mosquitoes are going to come into your yard. There isn't anything you can do about that. But, when mosquitoes enter your yard, you can stop them from reproducing by the hundreds.

Professional Mosquito Control

If you've had it with Atlanta mosquitoes, contact Tuxedo Mosquito Control and learn about our many mosquito control options and our 100% Guarantee. When it comes to stopping mosquitoes in Atlanta, we're the experts. Connect with us today. We're here to help.

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