What makes Pyrethrum different from other insecticides?

Enjoying the great outdoors is what we love to do, but it’s no fun if you’re covered in mosquito bites, chiggers, or ticks. That’s why you want to keep bugs from ruining the outdoors for you and your family.

Why should you consider pyrethrum as opposed to other insecticides? First off, pyrethrum is a natural insecticide, made from chrysanthemum petals. In use for more than 100 years, farmers dried and crushed the flower heads on plants to kill insects and keep others away. Secondly, it has a very low toxicity to humans but is highly toxic to mites and insects.

Pyrethrum mosquito misting systems Atlanta

Full Protection with Each Automatic Spray

Pyrethrum works on all types of flying and crawling insects. It gives a full protection with each automatic spray. You control your insect problem with less insecticide, so you save money.

What’s more, pyrethrum is gentle to the environment. It degrades fast, becoming inert after it has done its job killing bugs. You can feel confident that pyrethrum controls insects but doesn’t hang around. It is the choice for anyone looking to get full protection against insects while saving money and protecting the environment.

Get Rid of Pesky Insects Fast

Pyrethrums work fast to kill insects. They hit the insect’s nervous system and causes an overload. The insect dies quickly because pyrethrums disrupt the insect’s ability to control its body.

Again, pyrethrum is deadly to insects but when used as directed, it is safe for people and pets. You don’t have to worry what the chemicals are going to do to you if you’re exposed because they are safe in the small doses and they degrade fast, leaving you with a healthy environment.

Remember, when considering insecticide, use the one that is natural and has been proven for more than a hundred years. Pyrethrum gives you full protection and saves you money because you use less insecticide.

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