What Are The Installation & Operation Requirements?

While everyone would agree that mosquitoes are pesky and annoying, not everyone deals with them the same way. Among the many methods available, we’re confident that the Tuxedo Mosquito misting systems in Atlanta are the safest, most convenient, and easiest for homeowners to consistently keep up.

Why, you’re wondering? Below we’ll cover the installation and operation requirements of our system so you can get a better feel for what’s involved in owning and using it.

Installation Requirements

The Tuxedo Mosquito system works by releasing misted bursts of safe, pyrethrum-based material, which work quickly and effectively to kill mosquitoes and neutralize the problem. Because we install the dispensers around the perimeter of your yard, your home is protected by a mosquito “shield,” which kills any coming toward your home and prevents them from establishing new colonies.

While the installation and maintenance of your customized Tuxedo Mosquito system depends on your yard’s size and layout, the cost is typically comparable to the cost of a home irrigation system. Although that may seem like a large upfront cost, when you compare it to the time and energy required to provide ongoing mosquito control on your own, it’s actually a savings.

Plus, our qualified and trained technicians install the system quickly and efficiently so you can begin using it right away.

Operation Requirements

Once installed, your mosquito misting system requires very little. While conventional pest control and insecticide methods require ongoing work or input from you in the form of repeated hand-sprays (which often use chemicals that aren’t healthy for you, your family and your pets), that’s not how we work.

Instead, the misting systems works automatically, and all you have to do is tell it where and when to spray. In fact, you can download the iMistAway app and control your system right from your smartphone, even if you aren’t at home. If you require help or maintenance, all you have to do is give us a call.

At Tuxedo Mosquito, we pride ourselves on providing the best mosquito-fighting services around. As the leading Atlanta mosquito misting and mosquito control company in the Atlanta area, we have a huge amount of experience minimizing these pests and making Atlanta homeowners happier and more comfortable.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us or read our other FAQs for more information.