Entomology – Mosquito Species

The following 43 mosquito species list contains the
species found in West Nile positive* mosquito pools in the United States
since 1999.

* from which West Nile virus isolated, West Nile RNA detected, or
West Nile antigen detected using a variety of diagnostic tests. Data was
obtained by CDC field investigations or were reported by state
surveillance programs to ArboNet as of 08/23/03.

Mosquito Species

Aedes species Aedes albopictus
Aedes cinereus
Aedes aegypti
Aedes vexans
Anopheles species Anopheles barberi
Anopheles punctipennis
Anopheles walkeri
Anopheles atropos
Anopheles quadrimaculatus
Anopheles crucians/bradleyi
Coquillettidia species Coquillettidia perturbans
Culiseta species Culiseta inornata Culiseta melanura
Culex species Culex erraticus
Culex quinquefasciatus
Culex tarsalis
Culex pipiens
Culex nigripalpus
Culex restuans
Culex territans
Culex salinarius
Deinocerites species Deinocerites cancer
Ochlerotatus species Ochlerotatus atropalpus
Ochlerotatus cantator
Ochlerotatus infirmatus
Ochlerotatus sollicitans
Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus
Ochlerotatus canadensis
Ochlerotatus provocans
Ochlerotatus trivittatus
Ochlerotatus atlanticus/tormentor
Ochlerotatus dorsalis
Ochlerotatus japonicus
Ochlerotatus sticticus
Ochlerotatus triseriatus
Ochlerotatus fitchii
Ochlerotatus stimulans
Orthopodomyia species Orthopodomyia signifera
Psorophora species Psorophora ciliata
Psorophora columbiae
Psorophora ferox
Psorophora howardii
Uranotaenia species Uranotaenia sapphirina