a mosquito landing on a plant leaf outside

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Atlanta Yard


Mosquitoes are one of the most common insects you will find on your property. Though some mosquitoes can be deadly, most mosquitoes are more of a nuisance pest. Mosquitoes are drawn to hot and humid places, making Atlanta, Georgia a prime location for them.... Read More

a mosquito filled with blood on a persons arm

Do Mosquitoes In Atlanta Carry Lyme Disease?


Mosquitoes can be found in humid environments, like Georgia, as they need water to live and reproduce. If there is any stagnant water pooled up around an Atlanta property, there is probably a mosquito population. Additionally, mosquitoes like protected areas like thick shrubs and long grass.... Read More

a mosquito biting the skin of a human arm

What Diseases Do Mosquitoes In Atlanta, GA Carry?


Mosquitoes are much more than a nuisance Atlanta pest. While they certainly are annoying, mosquitoes are also dangerous. People in the United States and other countries consider mosquitoes to be the most deadly creature on the planet, and this title is well-deserved. Find out more about one of the biggest dangers of mosquitoes - their ability to spread diseases.... Read More


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