Study Suggests Light Pollution Promotes Spread Of West Nile


A recent study suggests that any areas that are lit at night are most vulnerable to the West Nile virus being transmitted by mosquito bites. That includes all cities, suburbs, or even countryside areas wherever people live. The study found that light pollution may cause a heightened vulnerability to mosquito-transmitted diseases, particularly the West Nile virus.

The work “shows that light pollution is not only bad for our [daily rhythms], but also can affect disease prevalence and transmission,” says Jenny Ouyang, an integrative physiologist at the University of Nevada in Reno. “Perhaps infection in humans and other animals is also affected by light,” adds Yale University epidemiologist Durland Fish. (Neither Ouyang nor Fish were involved in the study.)

Read here about the recent West Nile study:

Mosquito Control Needed To Prevent West Nile Virus

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