Scientists Discover Potential Second Zika-Spreading Mosquito


Scientists discovered a second Zika-spreading mosquito, and are trying to figure out if this mosquito could become a notable carrier of the virus. Regardless, more virus-carrying mosquitoes does mean a faster virus spread.

Related Potential Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

The yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is the current common culprit of the Zika virus, working as a major spreader of the virus and its risk of major birth defects and paralysis throughout the Americas. A relative mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) might also play a role in spreading the virus and its effects, according to recently found evidence. In April, a Mexican lab discovered the Asian tiger mosquito to be carrying the Zika virus. This find was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) shortly thereafter. Scientists are now trying to figure out whether this mosquito was found to be carrying the virus by chance, or if this virus will actually spread quickly among these mosquitoes and onto human hosts.

...if Asian tiger mosquitoes do turn out to be important in driving the Zika outbreak northward in the Americas, researchers predict more people and more places could face disease risk.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito, Currently a National Issue

The Asian tiger mosquito is already a very commonly-found mosquito on its own. It could readily transfer the Zika virus and others to many people, quickly, the WHO states. This mosquito is already commonly found throughout the United States.

Mosquito Tastes for Human Blood

Did you know that some mosquitoes actually have a taste for human blood, meaning that they can sense it? The Asian tiger mosquito is indeed one of those mosquitoes, meaning that they thrive heavily around humans in cities, as opposed to just out in nature around other animals. This mosquito is already found responsible for the spread of dengue in southern China and Hawaii, as well as actually the spread of a 2007 Zika outbreak in Gabon, further proving how they can be viral hosts.

The Yellow Fever Mosquito Remains a Certain Threat

Comparably, the yellow fever mosquito is more dedicated to biting humans than many other mosquitoes. Also, although the yellow fever mosquito is generally not native to the United States, it continues to thrive in warmer regions where the virus can effectively thrive. The Zika virus needs warm weather to thrive. Too bad it never gets hot in Atlanta!

Zika Control Solution

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