Mosquito Bites Can Really Itch


When a mosquito bites us, it can leave an incredibly itchy and irritated welt on the skin. However, some people are more sensitive to mosquito bites than others. Not everyone experiences such an irritating, itchy welt. Luckily, for those who do experience this, the irritation does not last too long.

Why Mosquito Bites Itch

The reason that a mosquito bite causes an itchy irritation on our skin is due to a mild allergic reaction occurring. Just before a mosquito sucks our, it injects a small amount of its saliva. Within the saliva are proteins and anticoagulants. The proteins that are present in the saliva are foreign substances to our bodies. As a foreign substance is introduced into the bloodstream, our immune systems start working immediately on the defense. To fight the foreign substance, the immune system releases histamine. It’s the histamine that causes the familiar itching sensation we experience after being bitten by a mosquito, not the bite itself.

How Long Will The Bites Itch

Mosquito bites reduce in inflammation and itchiness as they heal. However, there is no set time for how long this sensation will last. Because the itching is caused by a reaction in your immune system, the irritation will only fully clear up after the bite has healed. Some people are more sensitive than others to histamine. While some may experience itching for up to ten days, others may only have irritation for a few hours. Several other factors also influence how long the bite will itch:

  • How you treat the bite can also affect the length of time you experience irritation.
  • While you may have the urge to scratch the bite, itching can damage the epidermis and cause further irritation.
  • The location of a mosquito bite can also determine how long it itches. Bites on the body’s extremities tend to itch for longer than bites on the thighs or upper arms.

Save Yourself The Pain Of Itching

While there are several ways to treat mosquito bites in order to relieve yourself of the annoying itch, it’s better to not itch at all. Tuxedo Mosquito Control can help prevent unnecessary itching by getting rid of mosquitoes before they have the time to bite. Contact us today to find out more about the mosquito treatment solutions we offer.

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