Early Beginnings In Marietta

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Our Mosquito Prevention Mission

Here at Tuxedo Mosquito Control, we are a family-run mosquito control business and 5th generation Atlanta residents. With an intimate understanding of the Atlanta and Charleston area, we understand how mosquitos have become a problem in our communities. Our mission from the beginning has focused on delivering high-quality mosquito control services and mosquito control at home.

Values You Can Trust

Since the development of Tuxedo Mosquito in 2003, we have been committed to empowering our employees to be leaders and implement effective mosquito control options that meet and exceed your expectations. During the early stages of Tuxedo Mosquito, we made it a high priority to attentively listen to your clients.  This philosophy is still a focal point of our company today. In doing so we strive to create an atmosphere of trust where you feel issues will be addressed. When you present your concerns to us we assess them thoroughly and present solutions that stop mosquitos from infiltrating your residence. 

Culture of Expertise

Another fundamental aspect of Tuxedo Mosquito Control is the culture of expertise that we cultivate amongst our mosquito technicians. We understand that mosquito prevention measures have changed since we began Tuxedo Mosquito. Therefore, we have had to evolve and innovate to meet your mosquito prevention needs. The technology we use for our mosquito applications is advanced and provides a number of benefits that our technicians can explain to you.  For more information about our values and advanced mosquito prevention services contact us today! Text or Call 678-498-4052

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What Tuxedo Mosquito Customers Are Saying

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It is simple: If you want to forget about Mosquitos in your yard... CALL THEM.  Great service, fantastic 'set it and forget it' technology, with wonderful people backing it all up. We couldn't be happier with Tuxedo Mosquito Control!

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Gary S