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West Nile Virus & Memory Loss

With all of the recent news regarding the Zika virus, people may have forgotten about the West Nile virus, but it’s still out there, and it’s not going away any time soon. To add to that, new research shows that the West Nile virus has longer term implications than previously known, including memory loss and… Read more »

Six US-Born Children with Zika-Related Birth Defects

At least six babies developed birth defects that as a result of their mother contracting the Zika virus, said federal health officials. At least three babies were born with the birth defects, and at least three babies were lost to miscarriages or aborted. The CDC confirmed that all of the infected women in the U.S…. Read more »

Landscape Designer Recommends Tuxedo Mosquito Control

Landscape designer uses Tuxedo Mosquito Control systems. Enjoy a screenless front porch when your mosquito problems are solved.

We Have a Zika Virus Update!

We have a Zika virus update! Watch this video and stay ‪informed with how the Zika virus can affect you! ‬ Zika Virus Control with Tuxedo Mosquito Control Let me explain different ways you can protect yourself from this virus and also learn a bit about the mosquito itself. -David Maddox, Owner of Tuxedo Mosquito… Read more »

Tankless Mosquito Misting System in Brookhaven, GA

We installed a Tankless Mosquito Misting System in a Brookhaven, GA home. Now the residents can enjoy their backyard and have a meal outdoors without being bothered by mosquitoes. The insecticide is safe for pets and children.