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Achieves TrustDale Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     TUXEDO MOSQUITO CONTROL Achieves TrustDale Certification   February 1, 2014   Marietta, Georgia – Consumer Investigative Reporter and CEO, Dale Cardwell, of TrustDale, announced today the selection of TUXEDO MOSQUITO CONTROL as the newest recommended provider for mosquito control. This announcement marks TUXEDO MOSQUITO CONTROL official status as TrustDale Certified…. Read more »

Is West Nile virus coming to your town?

UCLA releases first risk-assessment predictions. Since its introduction to the U.S. in 1999, West Nile virus has spread rapidly across North America, threatening wildlife populations and posing a serious health risk to humans. In 2012, there were more than 5,500 human cases of the disease reported in 48 states, the highest number in more than… Read more »