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Child recovers from rare encephalitis: Brain infection carried by mosquitoes

by Debbie Gilbert White County News Susan Goodrich never dreamed that a mosquito bite could endanger her child’s life. The Sautee resident admits she’s a bit of a “hypochondriac” when it comes to protecting her family’s health. They use hand sanitizers and they always get their flu shots. So when her 6-year-old daughter, Summer, fell… Read more »

Mosquito bites are cause for concern

Jennifer Parks Staff Writer The Albany Herald Saturday, July 25, 2009 ALBANY – Theoretically, all it takes to contract the West Nile virus is one bite. And while most people bitten by Southwest Georgia mosquitoes don’t become sick, there are others who aren’t so lucky. So with West Nile nearing its peak season, health officials… Read more »